With humble beginnings, Focuswater is a locally established Singapore brand with years of vast experience and first-hand knowledge in providing excellent water quality to residential estates, corporate offices, medical centres, and also educational institutes, motivated by the smiles of contented customers, Focuswater takes the utmost pride to ensure that every single one of our consumers is satisfied with our product, it is our commitment to provide service and quality that impact our growth.

Over the years, Focuswater has built a substantial relationship with our world renowned water specialists. Acknowledging the importance of their expertise, this has moulded our foundation and enhanced our efficiency for the innovation and design of each product.

Always ahead of our fellow counterparts, Focuswater aims to be the leader in providing quality and services. By constantly being updated of the latest trends, Focuswater aspires to give the quality of life a new face-lift. Focuswater also serves to be constant advancing to improve ourselves. Being service oriented, we ensure that each customer gets the product that best suits their family. Always fulfilling our after-sales service, we ensure that no customer gets neglected after every purchase. This is what provides our customers the utmost faith in entrusting their families’ well-being to us.

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