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5 Factors to Consider Before Buying a Water Dispenser in Singapore

Most people in Singapore would agree that having a water dispenser is a convenience. It’s great for offices, schools, hospitals and places where people convene. Water dispensers are also a great way to have filtered and chilled water readily available at all times.  However, with such a variety of water dispensers on the market, how do you choose the right one for you? Here are 5 factors to consider before buying a water dispenser in Singapore.

1. Type of water dispenser

There are many different types of water dispensers in the market, and it is important to select the one that is most suitable for your needs. For instance, if you are looking for a dispenser that can produce both hot and cold water and is portable, then you should consider focuswater’s tankless slim instant hot/cold water dispenser. If you prefer a dispenser that is larger in size and easily accessible, then you should consider focuswater’s hot/cold dispenser standing type. At focuswater, we offer a quality range of water dispensers that cater to the needs of our customers, perfect for those who want convenience and portability.

2. Ideal location for a water dispenser

When choosing a water dispenser, one of the key factors to consider is where to place it. Here are three ideal locations you can place your water dispenser:

In the kitchen: A popular place to put a water dispenser as it is close to the sink and fridge. This means that you can easily refill your water bottle or cup, and you have easy access to cold filtered water for cooking or making drinks.

In the living room: A water dispenser in the living room is a convenient location to have a water dispenser as it is easily accessible not only to home owners but to guests as well. Anyone who wants to quench their thirst could access it without hassle. It can also act as an interesting decorative piece for the room.

In the office: A water dispenser in the office is a great way for busy working adults to stay hydrated during the day. It’s also handy for making tea or coffee.

3. The size of the water dispenser

One of the most important factors to consider when purchasing a water dispenser is the size of the unit. Ensure you have enough space to accommodate the dispenser before making the purchase. You should also take into account the amount of water you’ll need to dispense at once. If you have a large family or plan on using the dispenser for a large office building, then you’ll need a unit that can handle more water at a time.

4. The power source of the water dispenser

The power source of the water dispenser is important to consider as it will determine how easy or difficult it is to install the device. Some water dispensers require permanent installation while others can be plugged in and used as needed. If you’re looking for a more portable option, there are also battery-operated dispensers available.

5. Whether you need a water filter

One of the main factors you’ll need to consider before buying a water dispenser is whether or not you require a filter. If you don’t have a good water filtration system in your home, then you’ll definitely need to get a dispenser with a filter. Not all dispensers have filters, so make sure to read the specifications carefully.

 Another thing to consider is what type of water you want to dispense. Some dispensers offer cold, hot and ambient water, while others offer different variations of purified water. At focuswater, we offer dispensers that feature 5 water temperature settings. Decide what type of water you want and find a dispenser that offers as such.

Finally, think about the design and features of the dispenser. Do you want one that’s sleek and modern, or one that’s more traditional? Does it have any extra features that you’re looking for? Consider all of these factors before purchasing a water dispenser in Singapore.


A water dispenser is a convenient and affordable way to get clean, cold water whenever you need it. Whether you’re looking for a freestanding model that can go just about anywhere or a built-in dispenser that’s hidden from view, we have the perfect water dispenser for all your needs. Our catalog includes both standard and bottle-free models, so you can choose the option that best meets your needs.

Water Dispenser

Debunking 5 Water Dispenser Misconceptions in Singapore

Singapore has some of the cleanest and safest drinking water globally. Despite this, the popularity of water dispensers continues to grow as more and more people become concerned about the quality of their drinking water. Unfortunately, many misconceptions about the water dispenser prevent people from making the switch. This article will debunk five of the most common water dispenser myths.

1. Water dispensers can be unsanitary

Contrary to popular belief, water dispensers are in fact, clean and sanitary. In reality, water dispensers are one of the most hygienic ways to consume water because they must be cleaned and maintained regularly. Wiping the outside of the dispenser with a disinfectant wipe every few days is needed to keep it sanitary. Especially with focuswater’s Tankless Slim Instant Hot and Cold Water Dispenser, sanitary is brought to the next level. Tankless water dispensers are free from bacteria growth in comparison to typical water dispensers with stagnant water storage tanks. These types have risks of bacteria growth when it’s not cleaned regularly.

2. Water dispensers lead to more plastic waste

One of the concerns regarding the use of water dispensers is that they will lead to more plastic waste, however, water dispensers do not use disposable water bottles. Specifically with focuswater’s water dispensers that are directly connected to the water source. This will help minimize and reduce the single use of plastics.

3. Water dispensers are inconvenient

Often seen as bulky and inconvenient, water dispensers taking up too much space and requiring regular filter changes. However, the truth is that water dispensers have come a long way in recent years. Many now feature sleek, compact designs that are perfect for small homes and apartments. focuswater’s FP3800 hot and cold water dispenser is a great example. If you’re looking for a convenient way to get your daily supply of clean drinking water, focuswater’s water dispenser is the perfect solution.

4. Water dispensers are too expensive

Water dispensers are not as expensive as one might think. There are a variety of affordable water dispensers available on the market today. Not to mention, a water dispenser can be an excellent investment—it pays for itself in the long run! Not only does a water dispenser save you money on bottled water, but it also helps reduce waste. Plus, you’ll always have access to fresh, cold water whenever you need it. Don’t let the cost deter you from investing in this must-have appliance! Besides, focuswater’s dispensers are perfect for both home and office use.

5. Water dispensers are not environmentally friendly

Water dispensers are pretty environmentally friendly. When you consider the number of single-use plastic bottles saved from landfills, water dispensers are much more sustainable. In addition, water dispensers come with filters that help reduce impurities and contaminants in your drinking water, so you can rest easy knowing you’re getting the best quality water possible.

Despite what you may have heard, water dispensers are a great way to get clean fresh water without worrying about the environment. Not only do water dispensers help reduce plastic waste, but they’re also more convenient and affordable than you might think. So if you’re looking for a way to drink cleaner, healthy water, getting a water dispenser is a great option.