Maintenance Service & Technical Support

Why are there some traces of white particles in the water?

Focuswater is rich in natural minerals. However, over a certain period of time, the minerals may solidify as white particles. You can contact our service providers to do a complete flushing on the storage tank when it happens. They are tested by independent labs to be perfectly safe for consumption.

How do I install and where do I put it? How much space is required?

The system is slimed designed available to install on countertop or under sink, otherwise connecting to any available water point

  • Typically, our systems are placed in the kitchen sink cabinet with a faucet above sink or
  • Placing it sitting on countertop.
How do I know when to change the filters?

It is recommended to change the filters every 12 months. A service reminder call will be made to every consumer on the 12th month of usage to schedule for the replacement of filters.

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