Documentary Reports from Doctors

High blood pressure

Prof. Kuninaka hironage, head of kuninaka hospital

For over 10 years of my experience, my concept toward minerals, especially pertaining to ionic calcium in high blood pressure and other diseases, is most significant.

In accordance to the theory of medical professor gato of kyushu university on vitamin k (because vitamin k enables the blood calcium to increase), or the consumption of more alkaline water, the effectiveness of the increase in the calcium in high blood pressure is most significant. Too many fats in the diets, which lead to the deposition of cholesterol on the blood vessels, which in turn constrict the blood flow, cause most illnesses such as high blood pressure.

By drinking alkaline water for a period of 2 to 3 months, the blood pressure should slowly drop, because the alkaline water is a good solvent, which dissolves the cholesterol in the blood vessels

Heart diseases

Prof. Kuwata kejiroo, doctor of medicines

 In my opinion, the wonder of antioxidant water is the ability neutralizes toxins, but it is not a medicine. The difference is that the medicine can only apply to each and individual case, whereas the antioxidant and alkaline water can be consumed generally and its neutralizing power is something which is very much unexpected. Now, in brief, let me introduce to you a heart disease case and how it was cured.

The patient was a 35 years old male suffering from vascular heart disease. For 5 years, his sickness deteriorated. He was in the setagays government hospital for treatment.

During those 5 years, he had been in and out of the hospital 5 to 6 times. He had undergone high tech examinations such as angiogram by injecting vinyl via the vein into the heart. He consulted and sought treatment from many good doctors where later he underwent a major surgical operation. Upon his discharge from the hospital, he quit his job to convalesce. However, each time when his illness relapsed, the attack seemed to be even more severe.

Last year, in august, his relatives were in despair and expected he would not live much longer. It so happened at that time that the victim’s relative came across antioxidant alkaline water systems. His illness responded well and he is now on the road to recovery.”


Prof. Tamura tatsuji, keifuku rehabilitation center

“eczema is used to describe several varieties of skin conditions, which have a number of common features. The exact cause or causes of eczema are not fully understood. I many cases, eczema can be attributed by external irritants.

Let me introduce a patient who recovered from skin disease after consuming the antioxidant and alkaline water. This patient suffered 10 years of eczema and could not be cured effectively even under specialist treatment. This patient, who is 70 years of age, is the president of a vehicle spare parts company. After the war, his lower limbs suffered acute eczema, which later became chronic. He was repeatedly treated in a specialist skin hospital.

The left limb responded well to treatment, but not so on the right limb. He suffered severe itchiness, which, when scratched led to bleeding. During the last 10 years, he was seen and treated by many doctors. When i first examined him, his lower limb around the joints was covered with vesicles. Weeping occurred owing to serum exuding from the vesicles. I advised him to try consuming antioxidant and alkaline water. He bought a unit and consumed the antioxidant and alkaline water religiously. After 2 weeks of treatment the vesicles dried up. The eczema was completely cleared without any relapse after 1½ month.”


Prof. Kuninaka hironaga, head of kuninaka hospital

“mr. Yamada, the head of police research institute, suffered from severe allergy. He was treated repeatedly by skin specialist, but with no success. Then he started consuming antioxidant and alkaline water. The allergy responded very well and was soon completely cured. No relapse had occurred, although he had taken all kinds of food. He was most grateful and excited about this treatment.

As for myself, i had also suffered severe allergy. Ever since i began to consume antioxidant water, the allergy has recovered. Since then, i started a research on the effectiveness of antioxidant and alkaline water. I discovered that most allergies are due to acidification of body condition and is also related to consuming too much meat and sugar. In every allergy case, the patient’s antioxidant minerals are excessively low which in turn lower the body resistance significantly. The body becomes overly sensitive and develops allergy easily. To stabilize the sensitivity, calcium solution in injected into the vein. Therefore, it is clear that the antioxidant and alkaline water has ionic calcium, which can help alleviate allergy. The ionic calcium not only enhances the heart, urination, and neutralization of toxins but controls acidity. It also enhances the digestive system and liver function. This will promote natural healing power and hence increase its resistance to allergy. In some special cases of illness, which do not respond to drugs, it is found, it is found to respond well to antioxidant and alkaline water.”

Digestive problems

Prof. Kogure keizou, kogure clinic of juntendo hospital

“the stomach is readily upset both by diseases affecting the stomach and by other general illnesses. In addition, any nervous tension or anxiety frequently causes gastric upset, vague symptoms when this information is under some strain.

The important role of antioxidant and alkaline water in our stomach is to neutralize the secretion and strengthen its functions. Usually, after consuming the antioxidant and alkaline water for 1 to 3 minutes, the gastric juice increase to 1½ times.

For those suffering from hypochlorhydria or achlorhydria (low in gastric juice) the presence of antioxidant water will stimulate the stomach cells to secrete more gastric juice. This in turn enhances digestion and absorption of minerals.

However, on the other hand, those with hyperchlorhydria (high in gastric juice), the antioxidant and alkaline water neutralizes the excessive gastric juice. Hence, it does not create any adverse reaction.

According to the medical lecturer from maeba university, the ph of the gastric secretion will still remain normal when antioxidant and alkaline water is consumed. This proves that the ability of the antioxidant and alkaline water is able to neutralize as well as to stimulate the secretion.”


Prof. Kuwata keijiroo, doctor of medicine

“when i was serving in the fire insurance association, i used to examine many diabetic patients. Besides treating them with drugs, i provided them with antioxidant water. After drinking antioxidant and alkaline water for one month, 15 diabetic patients were selected and sent to tokyo university for further test and observations.

Initially, the more serious patients were a bit apprehensive about the treatment. When the antioxidant and alkaline water was consumed for some time, the sugar in the blood and urine ranged from a ratio of 300 mg/l to 2 mg /dc. There was a time where the patient had undergone 5 to 6 blood tests a day and detected to be within normal range. Results also showed that even 1 ½ hour after meals, the blood sugar and urine ratio was 100 mg/dc: 0 mg/dc. The sugar in the urine has completely disappeared.”

Pre-eclamptic toxemia

Prof. Watanabe ifao, watanabe hospital

“alkaline antioxidant water improves body constituents and ensures effective healing to many illnesses. The uses of antioxidant water in gynaecological patients have proved to be very effective. The main reason for its effectiveness is that this water can neutralize toxins. When given antioxidant water to pre-eclamptic toxemia cases, the results are most significant. During my long years of servicing the pre-eclamptic toxemia cases, i found that the women with pre-eclamptic toxemia who consumed antioxidant water tend to deliver healthier babies with stronger muscles. A survey report carried out on babies in this group showed intelligence above average.”


Prof. Hatori tasutaroo, head of akajiuiji blood centre, yokohama hospital,
faitama district
“due to a higher standard of living, our eating habits have changed. We consume too much proteins, fats and sugar. The excess fats and carbohydrates are in the body as fats. In the present lifestyles, americans are more extravagant on food compared to the japanese. Due to this excessive intake obesity is a significant problem. Normally, one out of five males and one out of four females is obese.

The degree of “burn-out” in food intake largely depends on the amount on intake of vitamins and minerals. When excessive intake of proteins, carbohydrates and fats occurs, the requirement for vitamins and minerals increases. However, there is not much research carried out pertaining to the importance of vitamins and minerals.

Nowadays, many people suffer from acidification that leads to diabetes, heart diseases, cancer, live and kidney diseases. If our food intake can be completely burned off, then there is no deposition of fats. Obviously, there will be no acidification problem and hence there should not be any sign of obesity.

The antioxidant water contains an abundance of ionic calcium. This ionic calcium helps in the “burn-off” process. By drinking antioxidant water, it provides sufficient minerals for our body. As a result, we do not need to watch our diet to stay slim.

Hence, antioxidant and alkaline water is a saviour for those suffering from obesity and many adult diseases, providing good assistance in enhancing good health.” 

Kidney diseases

Prof. Kuwata keijiroo, doctor of medicine

The difference between drinking alkaline water and the normal water is that the excretion of urines slightly more than intake. However, for severe kidney failure patients, water intake has to be restricted. Consuming alkaline water for these patients in controlled amounts proved to be beneficial. Normal tap water contains phosphate, calcium carbonate and the acidic ions. These acidic ions tend to reduce the efficiency of the calcium ions. Pure alkaline ionic water does not have these problems and it can effectively strengthen the heart and increase urination. After consuming the alkaline water for a month, the amount of urea and uric acid in the blood will show a marked improvement but will not disappear completely. However, if you continue to drink alkaline ionic water for a period of 6 to 12 months, the urea and uric acid should be grossly reduced. Intake of protein during this period should also be controlled, persistent drinking of alkaline ionic water should eliminate the toxic effect of the urea and uric acid from the body. According to a foreign paper report, patients undergoing dialysis tend to have their negative ions significantly reduced and the positive ions increased. Hence, according to the above experiment and from my personal clinical experience, drinking alkaline ionic water increases the positive ions which will have a significant effect on various kidney diseases. When kidney diseases do not respond to various drugs, it is good to treat them with alkaline ionic water.

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