Hot/Cold Dispenser Standing Type


Combining modern design with its simplicity. Easy to operate and almost instantly, dispenses hot/cold alkaline water. Equipped with ultrafiltration(UF) features. This design is available with floor standing type.


Simplicity Designed

energy-saver Energy Saver
compact-slims Overheating Prevention
compact-slims Overheating Prevention
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5-stage 5 Stage Filtration Features


Dual Sediment Carbon

  • This 2 in 1 Dual Sediment Carbon filter removes small particles bigger than 1 micron such as rust, lead, chlorine, VOCs and prevent bacteria growth by silver elution.

    Elements made by S&S Filtech, S.Korea


Nano Stream

  • This Nano Stream filter blocks water contaminants such as bacteria, virus, microbe and heavy metals. It also removes colloids and micro-pollutants up to 0.001 micron while keeping essential minerals intact.

    Membrane made by Toray.C, S.Korea


Nano pH

  • This Nano pH filter combine various layer of calcium ceramics to increase alkalinity and promotes anti-oxidant effect. It also decreases the size of water molecule clusters with abundance of negative ions.

    Elements made by SungWoo Ceramic, Flox Matrix, S.Korea


Activated Carbon

  • This Silver Carbon Block filter plus a layer of sediment removes chlorine, organic chemicals and prevent bacteria growth by silver elution. Foul smell is also eliminated, leaving fresh tasting water for consumption.

    Carbon made by Kuraray, Japan


Hot/Cold Dispenser Standing Type


Dimensions (W x D x H)

260mm x 462mm x 1120mm

Net Weight


Flow Rate

2Litres / min

Power Consumption

Compressor 100W | Heater 350W

Installation Location

Indoor Household / Office

(Designed for tap water)
Tank Specifications

Stainless Steel Hot Tank Volume - 2 Litre
Stainless Steel Cold Tank Valume - 3.2 Litre

Water Temperature Selections

cold Cold 4°C - 12°C
Hot Hot 80°C - 90°C


Built-in 4 Filter Cartridges

Filtration Capacity

Recommended Replacement
12 months/up to 6000 Litres


South Korea

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