Started with humble roots, focuswater was established in 2013 with the goal of giving Singaporeans access to fresh and clean drinking water everyday. We have grown over the past 11 years into an acknowledged supplier of premium water purifiers to residential estates, business offices, healthcare facilities, nursing rooms in shopping malls, and educational institutions all throughout Singapore.

Through collaborations with innovative Korean water production experts who are internationally renowned in their field, we have improved our proficiency. We have put together a solid foundation that enables us to develop, adopt cutting-edge technology, and uphold unparalleled perfection for all of our offerings thanks to their amazing direction and assistance. Additionally, our products have been certified and have been put through rigorous testing at numerous laboratories throughout the world.

Our current status as a leading and reputable brand in the water purification sector is the result of our unrelenting passion for innovation and the highest possible standard, which is what made it possible for us to accomplish significant milestones. focuswater continues to adhere to its goal of promoting the health and well-being of individuals by providing them with access to clean drinking water, and we are looking forward to continuing to make improvements in Singaporeans' lives for many years to come.

Manufactured from Korea

Partnership with pioneering Korean water dispensers manufacturing specialist, who are the global leaders in the trade. Manufactured with advanced technology from Korean water dispensers manufacturing specialist.

Recalibrated high filtration performance standard.