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Bundle Package:

Simply having an endless supply of clean, purified alkaline water instantly! focuswater Undersink w/ faucet is designed to save space, providing you a seamless and hassle-free filtration experience.

Net Weight : 2.2kg

Plug Free

Start your day fresh with focuswater under sink w/faucet. It does not require any electricity, and providing a hassle-free filtration experience.

Easy Plug and Play Filter Replacement

Filter replacement can't be much easier and safer with this Korea patented plug & play manifold design. Comes with additional safety lock mechanism clip to prevent wear and tear leakage overtime. Replace your filters in less than 2 minutes!

Zero Electricity Consumption

Purify water with zero electricity consumption, Undersink w/faucet makes an eco-friendly and cost-effective solution for your filtration needs. Enjoy clean and refreshing water without any added energy costs.

5 Stages Advanced Nanofiltration Technology

Filter 1

Dual Sediment Carbon

This 2 in 1 Dual Sediment Carbon filter removes small particles bigger than 1 micron such as rust, lead, chlorine, VOCs and prevent bacteria growth by silver elution.

Elements made by S&S Filtech, S.Korea

Filter 2

Nano Stream

This Nano Stream filter blocks water contaminants such as bacteria, virus, microbe and heavy metals. It also removes colloids and micro-pollutants up to 0.001 micron while keeping essential minerals intact.

Membrane made by Toray.C, S.Korea

Filter 3

Nano pH

This Nano pH filter combine various layer of calcium ceramics to increase alkalinity and promotes anti-oxidant effect. It also decreases the size of water molecule clusters with abundance of negative ions.

Elements made by SungWoo Ceramic, Flox Matrix, S.Korea

Filter 4

Activated Carbon

This Silver Carbon Block filter plus a layer of sediment removes chlorine, organic chemicals and prevent bacteria growth by silver elution. Foul smell is also eliminated, leaving fresh tasting water for consumption.

Carbon made by Kuraray, Japan

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