5 Things to Consider Before Buying a Water Purifier in Singapore

Singapore is a country with plenty of sunshine and rain. With the increasing awareness of the importance of drinking clean and safe water, more and more people are looking for water purifiers these days. However, not everyone knows what to look for when buying a water purifier in Singapore. In this article, we will share with you 5 key factors to consider before making your purchase.

  1. Convenience to Consumers

    Having a water purifier at home or in the office, it allows people the convenience of having clean and safe water easily. Aside from that, one needs to consider its practicality as well. If there is a power outage, will the water purifier still work? focuswater’s under sink water filter is a space-saving and plug-free manifold that works even without electricity. You can neatly place it under the sink so it can save more space. What’s better is that miniature faucet will also be mounted for drinking water and food preparation needs.

  2. Installation and Maintenance

    Buying a brand new item can almost always guarantee that it is free from damages or hidden issues. But a buyer also needs to think ahead regarding installation and maintenance. When you purchase a water purifier with focuswater, installation is a breeze as our support team will be ready to attend to your servicing, repair and installation needs. Maintaining focuswater’s under sink water filter is also simple. Aside from the fact that it does not require any electricity, it also features plug and play filter cartridges. So there is no need to worry about complicated technical issues if you need to change the filters.

  3. Water Quality

    One main factor to consider when buying a water purifier is the water quality it produces. This includes how safe, clean and the water’s taste can be. With focuswater’s 5 stage filtration system, consumers can ensure that the water they use is safe from harmful elements, including bacteria, rust, lead and viruses that may cause health issues and foul smell and taste in the water.

  4. Volume Velocity

    Solid particles with a higher density tend to settle at the bottom of the pipe when fluid velocity is low. Inside the pipe and pipe fittings, a layer of solid builds up over time. As focuswater’s water purifier provides a flow rate of 2 litres per minute, it has higher dissolved oxygen levels because it is more aerated. This contributes health benefits such as assisting in workout recovery, removing toxins from the body, and boosting alcohol metabolism.

  5. Filtration Capacity

    Last but not least, consumers also need to check the filter cartridge’s quality and longevity. This factor can sometimes lead to higher maintenance costs if ignored as filter cartridges are more prone to replacement. It is recommended to go for premium-made filter cartridges that are easy to use and replace, just like the filter cartridges focuswater offers. These filters are made from tech powerhouse countries like Japan and South Korea. And for specifications, filtration capacity features a recommended replacement of 12 months or up to 3600 litres.

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