Difference Between Water Dispenser and Water Filter That You Should Know in Singapore

The phrase “health is wealth” holds a lot of weight now more than ever. The past few years have reminded us that our physical health should always come first. Staying healthy, of course, starts within ourselves and what we put into our bodies. That is why it is essential to be cautious of the daily food and drink intake.

Considering how precious water is, it is vitally important to drink water daily and ensure that you’re drinking clean water. As you seek ways to ensure you’re getting a clean water supply, allow yourself to embrace the water industry technicalities.

I must say you might end up feeling a bit confused with its terms. In this article, we’ll help you understand the difference between a water filter and a water dispenser so that you can purchase with confidence and determine exactly what you need.

What is a water dispenser?

First of all, a water dispenser is a machine that gives you a supply of filtered, safe drinking water by plumbing into your existing water supply. Focuswater’s tankless water dispenser features an auto-dispensing option and 5 temperature-regulating of hot/cold/ambient selection. Its swappable filter2 feature allows users to have an enhanced nanofiltration choice of pure alkaline water.

How does a water dispenser produce clean water?

focuswater’s tankless dispenser with the advanced filtration technology equips the water passes through five stages of filtration and can dispense 5 temperature-regulation hot/cold/ambient options. Adding to that, the water temperatures can range from 85 degrees for the hottest while the coldest is 4 degrees celsius. With this kind of technology, you can easily get your preferred type of drinking water.

What is a water filter?

A water filter is a type of plug-and-use device used to produce clean drinking water. A water filter is connected to your water source and used to filter and clean the water you drink. The main goal of water filters is to guarantee that the water we drink in our homes is potable.

How does a water filter produce clean water?

Water filtering is used to filter out undesired chemical compounds and organic and inorganic particles. It also purifies other contaminants or pollutants from water using physical barriers or filters.

Many water filtration systems use activated carbon to block out unwanted microscopic contaminants from polluting your drinking water. Because most toxic water impurities are carbon-based, water filters are really effective in keeping your water clean and safe for consumption. Filtration can also help improve the texture of your drinking water.

One type of water filter is an under-sink installation. Installing an under-sink filtration system under your sink and sends water through a pipe to the filter’s own installed faucet for drinking water and food preparations needs. focuswater’s water filters have a five-stage filtration feature.


Essentially, both water dispensers and water filters aim to produce a clean, safe, and healthy drinking water supply. Now, the difference is that a water dispenser can churn out hot or cold drinking water. In addition, focuswater offers high-quality water dispensers and filters that aim to provide clean, healthy, and safe water for everyone.

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