Top 5 Key Features of A Tankless Slim Water Dispenser in Singapore

As appliances are getting more advanced and innovative, focuswater’s dispensers are one of the top companies that offer tankless slim water dispenser in Singapore. With its sleek and modern design, you would be able to enjoy convenience at the next level with auto-dispensing option and 5 temperature-regulating of hot/cold/ambient selection. This is why focuswater is one of the pioneers in offering water solutions in Singapore.

In this article, We have compiled the 5 key Features of a good tankless slim water dispenser that can be the next highlight in your office or household.

  1. Extremely Convenient
  2. Small but Excellent
  3. Eco-friendly
  4. Safer and Cleaner
  5. 5 Temperature Selection
  1. Convenience in Another Level

    Hot and cold water dispensers are already considered as an appliance that brings convenience to its owners. That is why tankless slim water dispensers are convenient for many reasons. One is that it gets its water directly from the water source. Thus making it smaller, portable, and easy to position anywhere appropriate in the area. Convenience is also brought to another level as these types of water dispensers have a lot of extra features including an auto-dispensing option and 5 temperature-regulating of hot/cold/ambient selection.

  2. Small but Excellent

    One of the key features in this tankless slim water dispenser is its size. Because of its small and portable design, it also exudes a premium and smart appliance look to your household. Due to it’s aesthetically pleasing design, a tankless slim water dispenser is a headturner. Especially with its elite and deluxe appearance. Although small in design, its technology inside does not disappoint. Aside from its One-Touch selection that allows you to easily choose from different settings in water, it also boasts 5 filtration stages that cleans the water and makes it safe to drink.

  3. Eco-friendly and Sustainable

    One highlight of a slim tankless water dispenser is that compared to buying single use bottles or even traditional water dispensers, it’s more sustainable. If you think about the amount of plastic we use from single use bottles or even the containers for traditional dispensers, it would be a disappointment for the environment. By using a tankless water dispenser, you would be able to get rid of these plastic uses as it gets the water directly from the source. This is both sustainable and helpful for the environment and also, cost savvy. With slim tankless water dispensers, you are doing your job to help save the environment!

  4. Safer and Cleaner

    When talking about water quality and its technology, a tankless slim water does not disappoint. Due to its tankless design, Water is freshly dispensed directly from the source and does not invite any chance of compromise to viruses and bacterias that can affect the water quality and safety.

  5. Temperature \ Selection

    Lastly, an impressive feature of this model of tankless water dispenser is that it can dispense five temperature selections that will suit your specific drinking needs. These include water matched for; cold water, ambient water,40 degrees suited for formula milk, 70 degrees for honey water and 85 degrees for coffee use. With these selections, your preferred drink is just a touch away with this tankless water dispenser.

Perfect Tankless Slim Water Dispenser in Singapore

A quality product for the household serves its purpose while also having many features that are useful to its owners. A slim tankless water dispenser is a must-buy for households and offices that want an excellent experience in drinking water.

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